The Central Plant built in 1998 has
two                 ton York chillers working on
a primary/secondary chilled water system
Primary chilled water pumps maintain constant flow
through the chillers while the secondary pumps
provide chilled water to the campus.
Variable speed drives control the chilled and hot water
flow to the campus. Also, speed drives control fan
speed for the chiller cooling towers.
Hot water boilers provide heating hot water
for climate control and domestic hot water.
The Field Interface Panel ties the DDC/computer
system to the controls for all the mechanical
systems  in the central plant
Heat exchangers provide circulated domestic
hot  water throughout the site.
14 Steam boilers provide high pressure
steam for sterilization through regulators and
some climate control
Cooling Towers help cool the compressors
on the chillers. Variable speed drives
controlling the fans on the towers maintain
constant condenser water temperature.
Opened in 2002, the Hannon Tower is five
stories and 119,000 square feet in area .
Added in 1999 the James C Lester  Technology
Center provides laboratory services and testing for
all the hospitals needs.
Located at 4101 Torrance Blvd, Torrance, CA. Little
Company of Mary Hospital serves the South Bay
and surrounding areas.
First built in
Tri-Star Electric has had the pleasure of providing
HVAC/DDC control installation and service for LCMH
for over 8 years
Now certified as a CALCTP Contractor  for
advanced lighting controls and energy
efficiency projects